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It was not Art, It was not Photography, it all started with LOVE.

I fell in love with taking photos, when I fell in love with TPI, the most beautiful girl in the world that I dated back in 2004, whom also lived 400KM away from me. We travel far and long to see each other. The distance was not a hindrance, but not being able to see each other often was torturing. That, was when I bought my first digital compact camera, it was very expensive. I started taking pictures, pictures of us. Although there were MSN, there were telephones, but nothing is better than having a photo of her inside my wallet, that I can look at whenever I missed her, with or without electricity :)

Sweet memories of us spending time together were crucial, often short, and quite rare. Camera became the most important thing I bring to a date, capture and retain the moments we spent together visiting places, birthdays, Valentine's day, Christmas, Chinese New Year… We treasured every day, every moment, smiles and tears. The dating was always sweet and painful, we said good bye too many times when we parted to go home. The only thing to keep her in my memory constantly, are the photos that we share.

Later, I began to feel unsatisfied with the photos taken with the digital compact, I needed to learn better photography techniques, I did not want to have blur moments, or dark moments where I could not see her in the picture. So, just before we tie the knot, with her support, I went ahead to get my first DSLR, for the sake of our marriage, and for our children in future. We have came a long way.

Now, TPI is my wife, and the proud mother of our two children. She is all but supportive when it comes to photography. She never whined for a LV or Prada, and she never complained about my shooting assignments. She knows what photography meant to both of us. She is the first audience to all my photos, and she gets to comment on them, I enjoyed this sharing moments very much, the sense of togetherness.

I dedicate my photography to my wife. Photography is my feeling towards marriage, family and the thoughts of spending the rest of my life with the one I care and love. I made it my mission to help other couples with their wedding photos, simply because other couples' smiles and tears reminds us of the moments we do not want to forget...

So what will you expect to find here? Well this is a place for me to show off some of my photos. This is also a place for me to show other photographers and photo enthusiasts some of what I do. I love to teach and share, I also hope to learn some from you all. I want this to be an interactive blog so please leave comments or questions, I will do my best to answer.

Have fun exploring. If you are interested in getting my services or just want to get to know me, feel free to contact me. Thank You :)

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